Daikin Low Temperature Monoblock 5KW Heat Pump Pack


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Altherma Monobloc

A natural fit for homes where space is limited, available in 5kW to 16kW models the new Daikin Altherma LT Monobloc has only a wiring centre indoors, while the compact and quiet outdoor unit can be installed almost anywhere – under a windowsill, or in the smallest of gardens. Perfect for an energy-efficient new property, it’s also suitable for replacing an older heating system. Wherever it finds a home, it will keep heating bills as low as possible, while helping to reduce your carbon emissions and environmental impact. A Daikin Altherma heat pump uses heat from the outside air to warm a home’s central heating and hot water system. Even when it’s freezing outside, a Daikin Altherma heat pump can extract heat from the air.

  • Perfect for any modern home, the spacesaving outdoor unit, control box and back-up heater will work effi ciently with underfloor heating, radiators and fan convectors and can also be combined with solar thermal systems
  • A user-friendly, backlit controller is easy to operate and the settings can be commissioned by your installer for optimal comfort and effi ciency
  • As an MCS accredited renewable heating system, the Daikin Altherma LT Monobloc heat pump is eligible for funding from the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI)
  • The system delivers water temperatures of up to 55°C for reliable heating and hot water
  • Frost protection features and an optional back-up heater mean that your system will provide constant heating and hot water all year round. It will even operate during extreme weather down to -25°C outside, giving you total peace of mind
  • With minimal wiring and only water connections to the outdoor unit, the Daikin Altherma LT Monobloc heat pump can be installed easily, with little disruption
  • COP up to 5 with typical annual efficiencies up to 300%

This Kit Includes:

  • EDLQ05CV3 – 5KW Outdoor Unit (Heating Only)
  • EKCB07CV3 – Wiring Centre
  • EKRUCBL2 – User Interface


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